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Puerto Rico Kite Fun and Culture.

Updated: Jan 14

At San Juan Sip and Paint we want to share in the kite culture experience. If you're visiting Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, your stay won't be complete until you've flown a kite at El Morro. Pack a picnic, book our class, and make your own custom kite. Be the talk of the park when you show off your very own custom kite.

This time-old tradition is fun for all ages. We'll give you all the supplies you need to paint your very own kite. When you're done creating your masterpiece take a quick stroll to El Morro. Pick a spot to set up your picnic and pitch your kite in the sky. It's the best thing you can do in Old San Juan. Flying won't be hard, El Morro's perfect placement is ideal for flying.

Here are some tips for ensuring your fun and safety.

  • Be careful when you fly near people, especially young children.

  • Please be sure to take your time and string home with you or dispose of it in the right place

  • Keep clear of electric power lines, electrical signs, and TV and radio aerials.

  • Don't fly your kite in winds stronger than recommended.

  • Never fly in stormy weather. Wet lines are conductive!

  • Don't underestimate the power of the wind. Always wear gloves when flying a hard-pulling kite. Although it's unusual for dogs to attack kites while still in the air, always make sure there are no dogs around when you land your kite. They are known to run away when a kite lands, but in some instances, they've been known to grab the kite and run away with it.

  • Don't let a young child fly a kite that needs more than a 30-pound flying line. Always accompany them on their first flights.

  • Watch out for rocks and holes while running with your kite.

  • Abandon a kite before risking your life to rescue it from trees or telephone poles. In the long run, you'll be better off buying a new kite.

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